• Professionally designed nightly facial peel to help purify skins surface for a younger look over time

Get a peel treatment right at home with prox by Olay anti-aging nightly purifying micro-peel. Gentle and exfoliating the micro-peel is rich with vitamin b5 to renew skins surface layer by layer with a triple-acid formula that feels soothing–its clinically tested to reveal peel results in just 5 nights. Olay scientists have professionally designed the micro-peel to promote renewal for younger healthier-looking skin over time. The proof is in the science: the formula is engineered with glycolic properties. The micro-peel allows skin to replenish faster and rid itself of naturally built-up oil dirt and excess skin. The formula disrupts the impurities and promotes moisture and hydration. The dermatologist tested micro-peel is a nourishing gentle alternative to the traditional spa peel treatment that can be done at home. Awaken to younger-looking skin in 5 days and proven results with prox by Olay anti-aging nightly purifying micro-peel.


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