• Fights Free Radicals Vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid are shown to work synergistically to neutralize free radical damage, helping ward off premature aging.
  • Brightens and Evens Tone Vitamin C is famous for evening out dark spots and enhancing skin’s natural radiance, thanks to its reputation for inhibiting melanin.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging By supporting collagen and elastin, this potent antioxidant blend promotes healthy elasticity to boost firmness and soften the look of fine lines.

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One of skincare’s true agents of change, vitamin C delivers the kind of complexion-resurrecting results that most actives only aspire to. Our best-selling serum compounds this storied antioxidant with three of skin’s best buds—vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and MSM. Toploaded with a hefty concentration of these collagen-friendly cohorts, our silky, featherlight formula specializes in restoration, hydration, and preservation to encourage firmer, brighter, comeback-staging skin.

Vitamin C is famed for its crackerjack ability to diminish fine lines, swelling, and sun-induced blights like uneven tone and deep-seated hyperpigmentation. This alone makes it an ideal match for skin encumbered by dullness, breakouts, dark spots, or signs of aging. But backed by emollient vitamin E, it’s shown to form a collaborative bond that doubles down on E’s skill for outmaneuvering free radicals. And when C and E join forces with hyaluronic acid and MSM, they’re known to whip up collagen, boost radiance, subdue swelling, and make a stand against damage like few ingredients can.

We’ve leveraged this microscopic preservation society to develop a formula with the nutrients skin needs to enhance its own firmness, barrier function, suppleness, and luminosity. To ensure that even sensitive types can enjoy these benefits, we selected a stable, well-tolerated form of vitamin C with superb efficacy, so that skin remains calm and collected as it enters its second act.


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